Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Against bullfighting Spain

Barcelona is against bullfighting

Barcelona City Council took a historic vote when, on April 6 2004, it officially declared Barcelona, the capital of the region of Catalonia in Spain, an anti-bullfight city by 21 votes to 15, with two abstentions.

Two weeks before that resolution was passed, the city's Deputy Mayor, Jordi Portabella, had declared his opposition to bullfighting in front of hundreds of protesters, saying: 'Barcelona must act like a capital and be a pioneer in the abolition of bullfighting.'

Although the resolution does not ban bullfighting in Barcelona, it is nevertheless a landmark precedent, because Barcelona had historically been one of bullfighting's capitals, with 100 bulls being tortured and slaughtered every year in the city's bullrings in the bad old days, watched mainly by curious tourists.

However, a city council spokesman told the BBC that there has not been a large bullfighting following in the region since the 1960s.

Before the vote, nearly 250,000 people had signed a petition to ban bullfighting in the Catalonia region, of which Barcelona is the capital. In 2005 a law to ban bullfighting was proposed to the Catalan Parliament for the first time in Spanish history.

The majority of people in Barcelona are opposed to bullfighting and agree with Barcelona City Council's decision to declare the city an anti-bullfighting city, according to surveys.

The majority of those surveyed in Barcelona (63%) do not want bullfights to continue in their city, with more than half (55%) agreeing that Barcelona should declare itself an anti-bullfighting city.

Bullfights are viewed as cruel and non-educational by more than three quarters (76%) of those surveyed in Barcelona. In addition, the majority of the people in the city have never been to a bullfight (59%) and, of those that have, only 12.6% have been to one in the last 3 years. Overall, just 7% of all those surveyed see bullfights as being positive for Barcelona's reputation.

Of those surveyed in Barcelona, 98% agreed that animals suffer when mistreated and an overwhelming 96% thought that the suffering of animals for entertainment should be banned. These attitudes are similar to those revealed in previous surveys of people in Catalonia, the region of Barcelona.

Spain towns and cities against bullfighting

It's not just Barcelona. A 2007 Gallup opinion poll showed that over 72% of people all over Spain have no interest in bullfighting.

Since Barcelona declared itself an anti-bullfight city in April 2004, councils in other 44 towns and cities in Catalonia have declared themselves opposed to bullfighting. Other Spanish towns, including Torello, Calldetenes, and Olot, which has the second oldest bullring in Spain, have done the same.

Some cities in Spain, among which Calonge, Tossa de Mar, Vilamacolum, and La Vajol, have outlawed all bullfighting and bull runs. In Mexico, bullfights have been banned in Jalopa.

La Monumental, once Barcelona's main bullring, now houses a bullfighting museum, and Las Arenas de Barcelona, another bullfighting venue, is being redeveloped as a leisure and shopping centre.

Help the organizations that campaign against bullfighting in Spain

These successes are due to the work of some associations, both Spanish and international.

One of the most active organisations in campaigning against bullfighting in Spain and Latin America is the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)

If Catalonia is at the forefront of the abolition of bullfighting in Spain, it's also thanks to them.

You can help the fight against bullfighting by giving donations to WSPA, and in this way you can support WSPA


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I hate bullfighting.
I'm not going to Spain or any bullfighting country
until they ban it completely.

Anonymous said...

Get the hell over it people!

Just because a tradition is not a part of your culture, doesn't mean that you have to judge it in other cultures. I'm guessing you two must be American. Typical American attitudes "We're right, you're wrong". Shove it and get an education. Oh yeah, first commenter, learn how to write and spell, then bitch about bullfighting. Second commenter *in a whiny voice "I'm not going to Spain or any bullfighting country
until they ban it completely. Cry cry cry, I'm a baby. I'm going to let this trivial sport control my life, whaaaaaaaa!" Shut the hell up and live your life. Oh I know, "The bulls don't get to live their lives..." but hey, plenty of people get the horns. How about we ban public zoos while we're at it, horse-racing, circuses, dog shows, and anything else that involves any animals, because I'm sure as hell they're not being apart of these examples because of their free will.


Anonymous said...

This is not art, culture or anything good!...they say a bullfighter has bravura...yeah, why then put the man equals to the bull? no sword, no help at all just he and the bull without any wound...then that's is courage and bravura!
I'm not happy at all with 'corridas' everywhere, I hate bullfighting the most!! BAN IT AT ONCE!!!

Anonymous said...

In the Basque Country, the mayor of Donostia (San Sebastian) has declared the bullfighting LEGAL!!!...he says that is nothing wrong with that!, of course is to bring back the Roman Circus with lions, tigers and! that twill be amazing man!

John Scott said...


1) Boxing is WRONG! 2 men beating each other senseless in a boxing ring is the Anglo whitey bread and butter!

2) Fishing is WRONG! A fish getting caught in the throat by a barbed hook is deadly to the fish. It is the Anglo whitey bread and butter of Americana!

3) UFC fighting in Octagon is WRONG!!!! 2 men beating and kicking the snot out of each other is cruel and dangerously deadly! Again, U.S. Anglo-whitey bread and butter!

4) The U.S.A. should and MUST STOP invading and subverting sovereign countries at a whim!

PLEASE STOP IN THE ANGLOSPHERE THESE 3 DEADLY ACTIVITIES! Ohhh wait a minute, let's point the finger at countries like Spain that have been culturally participating in bullfights since BEFORE the U.S.A. ever existed!

In fact, it is thanks to the HELP of Spain that the U.S. was able to become independant from England! And NOT a single mention of that in U.S. history books!

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Unknown said...

Hello ignorant people who enjoy making fun of other people's cultures, and always try to impose their own distorted points of view on others. Bull fighting has excited for millenia and in the same manner that you warped people enjoy eating meat, going fishing, watching MMA or boxing matches where 2 people are kicking the living stuffing out of each other, NASCAR races where imminent death is a possibility and so forth...bull fighting in Spain, Portugal, France, Mexico, Peru, and Columbia - just to name a few countries - will always be celebrated since it has deep cultural roots. If you don't like it then go knit a sweater, or go stop demonic Masonry that like hair loss is slowly creeping into every facet of our lives and destroying our nuclear families and all that is sanctity on a Global scale, or go stop Chemical Trails that are constantly being spewed over all sovereign countries to modify the weather for the worse, and then "making-up FAKE Climate Change" so we can further be taxed to death. NO? Don't want to change these REAL FACTS that are occurring daily on the face of our earth? WHY? Too busy attempting to Change other countries cultures?? Maybe this is your calling to do an about face and commence to FOCUS on what really matters in life instead of looking down on bull fighting. Time to sit down and start analysing your warped lifestyles and choices. A Change for YOUR better life! Thank you.