Friday, February 26, 2010

Human Health and Animal Ethics New Website

A new website has been started, called Human Health and Animal Ethics, which is specifically devoted to the subject of how protecting human health, far from being incompatible with defending animal interests in certain areas, is actually perfectly compatible with it.

This is because the main areas of animal exploitation, i.e. animal experimentation and animal farming for food, are those in which human health also suffers from those forms of abuse of animals.

Meat is generally bad for human health, whereas a vegetarian nutrition is the healthiest, as medical bodies and health authorities will tell you.

Similarly, the method of testing drugs and other substances for human use on other animals and of studying human diseases on animals has been consistently proven throughout the decades to be lacking of predictive value, extremely unreliable and therefore highly dangerous for human health, when its results are transferred to human beings.

This is why the tagline of Human Health and Animal Ethics is Ending animal abuse can seriously benefit your health.

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