Tuesday, April 04, 2006

How much can instinct explain? An anecdote

Cat saved a lamb from drowning
There are so many animal behaviours that cannot be explained by the simplistic view of animals acting merely by instinct.

This episode is one of them.

A cat saved a lamb from drowning in a swimming pool.
Puss Puss, a black and white female cat in Cheltenham, England, discovered that a lamb had fallen into a pool and frantically meowed, running back and forth between the pool and the garden where her human companions, gardeners Adrian Bunton and Karen Lewis, were working, to alert them to his plight.
Jill Royle, the owner of the garden, said: "She was in a very, very agitated state, meowing and calling and crying and being an utter pest and dashing back and forward between them [the gardeners] and the pool."
"They found the lamb in the swimming pool" Royle said. "They got it out and it was OK."

This was reported in the Gloucestershire Echo newspaper on 6 October 2003.

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