Monday, April 03, 2006

Animal-movement political parties

We should create a political party in all Western countries, that could be elected, having a manifesto that puts at its centre the animal agenda of issues, but also has policies on all other issues which are of concern to the electorate and which are tackled and addressed by the other parties with policies in their own manifestos.

There are 2 reasons for such creation:

1) We can rely on other parties to enact policies to protect animal rights only in a limited way.

2) On the other hand, we cannot have an animal rights party which does not address all the other issues, because it would be a fringe party, one which the majority of the electorate would not find interesting.


Richard said...

We have one -- it's called the Green Party. I suggest you read their Party Platform and attend some meetings...

Of Human and Non-Human Animals said...
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Of Human and Non-Human Animals said...

The Green Party fails on both accounts:

1) its policies on issues other than animal rights are generally not valid and poorly developed

2) its policies on animal rights issues are hypocritical and not respectful of basic animal rights at all.

I suggest that, to know about the Green Party and be informed of its policies, you read these posts:

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