Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Give Long Jail Sentences to Animal Abusers

What some indescribable people did to this dog is so terrifying as to defy words.

People who commit atrocities like this should be locked in jail and the key should be thrown away. It's important that perpetrators of crimes, especially of this magnitude, against animals are treated with the same severity as those who commit them against humans, if we want animals to be protected from this barbarity.

Tidus was burned alive by teenage criminals and is still fighting for his life:
His name is Tidus, and what happened to him, could happened to your dog…

Two weeks ago, Tidus was happily playing in the park with his owner, a normal evening walk/play socializing with other dogs… All of a sudden, Tidus was nowhere to be seen.

His owner looked everywhere for him. He was wearing his collar, tag with telephone number, microchip, surely if he was lost he would be found and returned to her… Minutes passed, one hour and there was no trace of Tidus. The park and every adjacent street are combed. There was no trace.

Someone says he has seen a group of youngsters walking towards a solitary part of town walking with a tail wagging dog.

Tidus was found three hours later, and nothing could prepare it’s owner for what she was about to find...

One thing is for sure… even if his condition remains critical, Tidus is absolutely full of life, I have never before met a dog like him. Tidus EATS life… literally...
... and his little face remains as beautiful as ever.

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i really didn't know about this law and may many people also not aware about this law